Hi there! It's with great pleasure that I bring another grammar hint for you to improve your English. Today's discussion is about the future tense. We have some different ways to indicate future in English. So let's get started. 


Will - Use Will when you decide to do something at the time of speaking or to express a promise.

I will help you. Eu te ajudarei.
I will travel this year. Eu viajarei este ano.
I will call you when I arrive. Eu te ligarei quando eu chegar. 

Note that will can also be contracted by 'll. 
Ex: I'll pass the exam. Eu passarei na prova.

Be going to - Use be going to to express a plan.

I am going to help you after lunch. Eu vou te ajudar depois do almoço.
I am going to travel in December. Eu vou viajar em dezembro.
I am going to pass the exam. Eu vou passar na prova.

Use both Will and Be going to to express a prediction.

The year 2222 will be a very interesting year. O ano 2222 será um ano muito interessante.
The year 2222 is going to be a very interesting year. O ano 2222 vai ser um ano muito interessante.

Present simple: The present simple tense can also indicate future sometimes. Take a look at the sentenses below.

The plane leaves at 10:00 p.m tomorrow. O avião sai as 10:00 horas da noite amanhã.
My brother arrives tomorrow morning. O meu irmão chega amanhã cedo.

Present continuous: The present continuous tense or present progressive can also indicate future sometimes.

I am coming back next Sunday. Eu estou voltando no próximo domingo.
He is traveling this evening. Ele está viajando essa noite.

That's it for today and have a great holiday tomorrow. See you next time!

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