quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012

Collocations with LOVE

If you're reading this post, you've probably ever heard about collocations and want to learn more. If it's the first time, you're very welcomed to keep up reading. I'll keep this quite simple, so that you can learn once and for all.

Collocation is the combination of words formed when two or more words are often used together in a way that sounds correct.

As an example we can use the word love with possible combinations.

(Adj + love)

Deep love
Great love
Passionate love
First love
True love

It's very important to make up sentences to memorize the collocations.

His deep love for his wife is really beautiful.
He likes to play soccer but his first love is baseball.
I'm definitely sure she is the great love of my life.

(Verb + love)

Feel love
Find love
Fall in love
Make love
Share love

She felt no love for him.
She fell in love with one of her friends.
My friend told me he made love last night.

(Love + noun)

Love affair
Love life
Love scene
Love song
Love story

This is the best love song I've ever heard.
I'm quite sure the boss is having a love affair with the secretary.

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That's all for now!