Ir por água abaixo. Como dizer em inglês?

Hi there, what's up! It's been a while since I don't do anything special on Sunday because it rains a lot. Today it's not different, but the weather helped me to think about a very useful expression we use here in Brazil. "ir por água abaixo", generally used in the past "foram por água abaixo". This expression is used to talk about plans that we made but couldn't be accomplished for some reason. But do you know how to say it in English? So, the expression is "to go down the rain".

My plans to go to the movies went down the rain.
Os meus planos de ir ao cinema foram por água abaixo.

That's it for now. See you next time!

2 comentários :

Stephen T disse...

Thanks, Robson! I am reminded of the English expression "to go down the drain," also used in the past tense, as in "My plans to go to the movies went down the drain." ;-)

Robson Leandro Rosa disse...

Thanks Stephen T, it's very nice of you to share your knowledge here. Be my guest to continue visiting and sharing your ideas. ;-P

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