Happy Teacher's Day!

Hello there! Today is October 15th, the Teacher's day in Brazil. Although some people say there's nothing to celebrate, the teacher is the person who can guide and change the future of our nation by teaching our students to be a better person. Being a teacher is a gift and we have to thank all the teachers in the world for doing their jobs and give our appreciation and respect. So, let's see when this celebration happens in other countries.

Albania. March 7th.
Brazil. October 15th.
Chile. October 16th
China. September 7th.
Czech Republic. March 28th.
Hong Kong. September 10th.
India. September 5th.
Iran. May 2nd.
Jamaica. May 6th.
Malasia. May 16th.
Paraguy. April 10th.
Russia. Octuber 5th.
Singapore. September 1st.
The USA. First full week of May
Turky. Noverber 24th.
World Teacher's Day. October 5th

There are much more countries and dates, but you can notice that every month is celebrated the teacher's day somewhere in the world. So, be respectful with your teacher he or she deserves all our respect and consideration.

That's it and Happy Teacher's Day!

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teachers'_Day

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