quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

False Friends

Hi everyone! Today's post is about False Friends. If you are a Brazilian or a Portuguese student you probably have mixed up some of this words before. It's because there are some words in English that are similar to some words in Portuguese. These  words generally came from Latin and are frequently  used in many languages but the problem is that the meaning is totally different causing some misunderstanding. To speak English fluently you must know these words and use them correctly.

There are lots of words, but let's start with just some of them.

ENGLISH                                                         PORTUGUESE
Actual: real, verdadeiro                                   Atual: current
Balcony: sacada                                             Balcão: counter
Cigar: charuto                                                 Cigarro: cigarette
Data: dados (números, informações)              Data: date
Expert: especialista, perito                              Esperto: smart, clever
Fabric: tecido                                                  Fábrica: factory
Gratuity: gratificação                                      Gratuito: free
Hazard:  risco, arriscar                                    Azar: bad luck
Intend: pretender                                            Entender: to understand
Journal: periódico, revista especializada       Jornal: newspaper
Legend: lenda                                                Legenda: subtitles
Mayor: prefeito                                               Maior: bigger
Notice: notar, perceber                                  Notícia: news
Office: escritório, consultório                          Ofício: trade, occupation
Push: empurrar                                               Puxar: to pull
Resume: retomar, reiniciar                             Resumir: to summarize
Stranger: desconhecido                                 Estrangeiro: foreigner
Tent: tenda, barraca                                       Tentar: to try

That's it for today. See you!