Idiom: go rogue

Hi there. How's everything? Well, I've been absent for a couple of months for personal reasons and now I've decided to share an expression that I've learned recently. I was watching some series and I came across a very nice idiom. Do you know what go rogue means?
According to Urban Dictionary go rogue means: To cease to follow orders; to act on one's own, usually against expectation or instruction. To pursue one's own interests (deixar de seguir ordens; agir por conta própria, geralmente contra expectativa ou instrução. Perseguir os próprios interesses)

In other words, it's to break the rules; to go against one's training (quebrar as regras; ir contra a sua formação).


Our teacher has so many unfair rules, and we don’t even learn anything in his class. I think we should go rogue.
Nosso professor tem tantas regras injustas, e nem mesmo aprendemos nada em sua aula. Acho que devemos quebrar as regras.

The soldiers went rogue after the first attack and ended up dead.
Os soldados agiram por conta própria depois do primeiro ataque e acabaram mortos.

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Happy New Year everyone!

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