Indirect Questions

Hi there, today I'm going to present you another grammar tip that might be very useful for your English studies. We use Indirect Questions when we want to ask someone for information or ask a polite question. It's very simple, take a look!


Direct Question:   Where is the nearest bank? - Onde fica o banco mais próximo?
Indirect Question: Can you tell me where the nearest bank is? - Você pode me dizer onde o fica o banco mais próximo?

Direct Question:   When did John go to Europe? - Quando o John foi à Europa?
Indirect Question: Tell me when John went to Europe. - Me diga quando o John foi à Europa.


The indirect questions are started with: Do you know...?/ Can you tell me...?/ Could you tell me...?/ Do you have any idea of...?/ Tell me.../ I wonder.../ I'd like to know... etc.

The second clause does not take the structure of a question.

Direct Question:   When did he travel? - Quando ele viajou?
Indirect Question: I would like to know when he traveled. - Eu gostaria de saber quando ele viajou.

Direct Question:   What time is it? - Que horas são?
Indirect Question: Can you tell me what time it is? - Você pode me dizer que horas são?

That's it for now. If you have any questions please let me know!

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